vSphere 6.0: How to Reset SSO Password

In previous posts, regarding vCenter Server, we’ve learnt about installation and configuration of vCenter Server with both embedded and external PSC, vCenter Server Appliance installation and configuration, and also its architecture and inventory. I’ve tried to cover maximum possible stuff regarding vCenter Server, but one thing which I forgot to write about is to reset SSO password.

In this post, we’ll learn about how to reset or unlock SSO password. To reset SSO password is a common troubleshooting problem, which often virtual environment administrators face. As written in KB (2146224)

Proceed to step by step process here:

Step 1: Login to vCenter Server by using domain administrator account

vCenter Server Single Sign-On

Step 2: Open the command promt (cmd.exe) on a VM where vCenter Server is installed.

Step 3: Navigate to the vmdird directory by running this command

vmdird command

Step 4: Run the vdcadmintool.exe command and Press 3 to enter the Reset account password option.

Step 5: Type administrator@vsphere.local and press Enter

Step 6: Use the newly generated password to log in to the administrator@vSphere.local account.
Note: If the generated password contains an exclamation mark (!), perform the regeneration process again.

Step 7: After the password is regenerated, log in to the vSphere Web Client using new password.

Step 8: In the upper navigation pane, to the left of the Help menu, click your user name to pull down the menu. Enter your current password (which you have generated in Step 7) and new password, confirm password and press OK

Your SSO password (for administrator@vsphere.local) has been changed.

Note: If you need to reset/set up SSO/PSC administrator password on vCenter/Platform Services Controller appliance, you need just to:

  1. Connect to the vCenter Server Appliance through SSH.
  2. Open the vdcadmintool service tool located in: /usr/lib/vmware-vmdir/bin/
  3. Follow steps 4-7 mentioned above.


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