VMworld 2017 Day 2 Announcements

VMworld 2017 has just finished their journey yesterday August 31st at MANDALAY BAY HOTEL & CONVENTION CENTER, Las Vegas, US. As many folks know that VMworld is one of the largest IT conferences where world’s top minds of virtualization and cloud are gathered under one roof. This year also more than 20,000 IT pros and executives along with the big market brands of virtualization and cloud platform providers attended VMworld conference in US. This represents the success and importance of this event.

VMware has announced many new technologies in VMworld 2017 US Conference. In this post, I’m going to share some new technologies which are announced on day 2 of this conference.

VMware PKS Announced

On 2nd day (29 Aug, 2017) of VMworld 2017, VMware announced Kubernete-Based Container Service Cloud-Native app Pivotal Container Service (PKS) with collaboration of Pivotal and Google Cloud.

Kubernetes is an open-source structure for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications and it has become the de facto standard for container orchestration and provides a number of key application layer capabilities such as application orchestration, scaling, health monitoring and healing.

VMware PKS is designed to operationalize Kubernetes for services providers and enterprise. Following are some key features VMware PKS:

  • A fully supported Kubernetes distribution that can integrate with vMware vSphere
  • BOSH orchestrated easy deployment with integrated lifecycle management and operations
  • Can deep integrate with NSX for container networking and security
  • Constant compatibility with Google Container Engine (GKE) and integration with Google Compute
  • Platform services through the integrated Open Service Broker (OSB)
  • Production-grade features such as high availability, security, identity and access management, monitoring and logging at both the infrastructure and application layer


                                                                      Figure: Thanks to VMware

VMware Cloud on AWS Announced

On Day 2 of VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas US, VMware has announced Cloud availability on AWS, mainly announced during last year’s VMworld along with VMware Cloud Foundation.

VMware Cloud on AWS is an on-demand service that allows you to run applications through vSphere-based cloud environments with access to a broad range of AWS services. This service integrates vSphere, vSAN and NSX along with VMware vCenter management, and is optimized to run on dedicated, elastic, bare-metal AWS infrastructure using VMware Cloud Foundation. With this service, IT teams can manage their cloud-based resources with familiar VMware tools on AWS platform.


Workloads can be migrated to VMware Cloud on AWS as like as your own infrastructure in your on-premises. Dedicated clusters can be purchased that combine VMware software and AWS infrastructure, either on-demand or as a subscription service.


Following figure represents the infrastructure is being managed on-premises and on AWS Cloud. Here is an overview of how this service works where two vCenter Servers are being managed in which one on-premises within your existing datacenter, and one at Amazon.

                                Figure: Thanks to AWS

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