VMworld 2017 Day 1 Announcements

VMworld 2017 has just finished their journey yesterday August 31st at MANDALAY BAY HOTEL & CONVENTION CENTER, Las Vegas, US. As many folks know that VMworld is one of the largest IT conferences where world’s top minds of virtualization and cloud are gathered under one roof. This year also more than 20,000 IT pros and executives along with the big market brands of virtualization and cloud platform providers attended VMworld conference in US. This represents the success and importance of this event.

VMworld 2017 US

VMware has announced many new technologies in VMworld 2017 US Conference. In this post, I’m going to share some new technologies which are announced on day 1.

vCloud Director 9.0 Announced

on 1st day of VMworld US, VMware announced a new version of cloud management platform vCloud Director 9.0, previously available version fo vCD was 8.2 realeased in February, 2017.

Following are some new features and capabilities introduced in vCD9.0:

  • New HTML5 based UI is introduced.
  • PostgreSQL DB supported.
  • vCloud Director Extender offers migration of workloads between clouds.
  • One screen is introduced as VM lifecycle workflows instead of a maximum of seven in previous release of vCloud Director 8.2.

One of participant Anthony Spiteri Technical Evangelist from Veeam Software of beta program shared his thoughts on vCD9.0, “vCloud Director 9.0 is, without question, the most significant release in vCloud Director’s long history with the new HTML5 tenant UI proving VMware’s commitment to the platform.”  

You can further read about this announcement here.

NSX-T Version 2.0 Announced

VMware announced next version of their network virtualization product NSX-T v2.0 as a latest version on Day 1 of VMworld 2017. NSX-T v2.0 will support network virtualization for multi-cloud and multi-hypervisor environments. Following are some key features of NSX-T v2.0

  • Cross-cloud capabilities (compatible with non-vSphere platforms)
  • Can integrate with public cloud either on-premise or remote.
  • Support cloud native applications (VMs and containers, and CNI plug-in integration for Kubernetes).
  • Can integrate IaaS with Kubernetes and PaaS with AWS.


AppDefense is one of the biggest announcements of all times by VMware. AppDefense provides an intent-based security capability that is able to detect and block potential malicious attacks. The AppDefense machine understands and learns what’s a known precise process and is likewise able to decide while the runtime behavior of an application deviates from its intended kingdom. In different phrases, AppDefense became the missing link to provide business enterprise safety. As VMware said about AppDefense, “AppDefense monitor running applications against their intended state, and can detect and automate response to attacks that attempt to manipulate those applications.”

Partner integrations mentioned are IBM Puppet, RSA & SecureWorks.
Check out this “Understanding VMware AppDefense” video below by Tom Corn

Source: https://www.vmware.com/products/appdefense.html

VMware Integrated Container 4.0 Announced

VMware Intergrated OpenStack (VIC) is a VMware supported OpenStack distribution built on the OpenStack Ocata release  and runs on top of the VMware SDDC (Software-Defined Data Center).

The 4.0 version can support:

  • vRealize Automation (vRA)
  • Containers
  • Max six vCenter Servers
  • Resize VM’s CPU, memory and disk without shutting down.
  • Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)
  • Multiple NIC types
  • Guest VLAN tagging


Nakivo version 7.2 Released

Nakivo is one of my favorites Backup & Recovery solutions released its latest version 7.2 on 1st day of VMworld 2017. It’s beta program was announced in July this year and can be downloaded from here.

Nakivo Bakup & Replication v7.2 can be installed on  QNAPSynology, and Western Digital NAS.

Following features are included in Nakivo Backup & Replication v7.2:

  • Can turn QNAPSynology, and Western Digital NAS into high performance and reliable VM backup appliance and provide deduplication with same divice with 2x faster
  • Transaction log files can be automatically removed after a successful VM backup or replica by using SQL Log Truncation feature.
  • Individual SQL objects (databases, tables) can be easily recovered directly from the deduplicated and compressed VM backups using Instant Object Recovery for Microsoft
  • All jobs can be viewed from a Calendar Dashboard and quickly find free slots in a backup window.
  • Flexible Job Scheduler allows you to schedule multiple jobs to a single job.

                                             Figure: Thanks to Nakivo


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