Vembu BDR Suite 3.7.0: Product Review and New Features

is a strong competitor and leader in backup and disaster recovery solutions in the market for virtualization and cloud environments for small and medium businesses for more than a decade.

Since starting their journey in 2002, Vimbu has delivered data protection solutions and tangible value to more than 60,000 customers worldwide in 100+ countries through 4000+ partners in the form of MSPs, VARs, and Resellers.

Vembu offers a BDR Suite of products meant for on-premise, offsite, cloud backup and disaster recovery across diverse IT environments including physical, virtual, applications and endpoints.

Vembu Technologies recently released their latest offering, Vembu BDR Suite v3.7  that one of the most comprehensive, simple and affordable backup & disaster recovery solutions for the small & medium businesses.

Vembu can backup VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Physical Servers, Workstations, Exchange Items, SharePoint Items, SQL Items, Office365, G Suite, etc. and they can back that up on-site, off-site, or even to the cloud – not to mention that most of this is done within a single UI.

Vembu BDR Suite 3.7.0: New Features

Following are some features and enhancements supported by new version of Vembu BDR Suite.

Vembu BDR Suite 3.7.0 U1

Vembu has released 3.7.0 U1 for general public for production purpose with enhanced features and fixes boosting stability and performance.

VMware vSphere 6.5 Support

With the release of 3.7.0 U1, Vembu BDR Suite provides support for latest vSphere 6.5 environment. Companies with the upgraded vSphere environment can now protect their virtual environment with Vembu BDR Suite.

Free Edition Support

With the release of new edition, Vembu also introduces free version in v3.7.0 release. With this version, user can now backup their VMware, Hyper-V, and physical environment with limited features with no cost after expiry of trial period.


Service providers can now manage their customers easily by adding backups, servers, and VMs under individual groups with multitenancy support for both Vembu BDR and Vembu OffsiteDR servers.

New User Interface

Vembu has changed its UI with this release which is more user friendly, improved in performance with quick responses and minimal load time.

Performance Enhancements

In this release, Vembu has upgraded backend database to PostgreSQL replacing MySQL and MongoDB, and this has improved backup performance significantly.

Agentless VMware and Hyper-V Backup

With Vembu VMBackup , VMs in VMware environment are backed up with VMwar Storage APIs (VADP), where users can backup and replicate unlimited VMs without installing any agents in VMs. With the Direct Hot-Add and SAN transport mode, it provides faster data transfer speed and low resource utilization. VMBackup auto analyzes the VMware environment and assigns the appropriate data transfer mode.

In Microsoft Hyper-V environment, Vembu’s proprietary Hyper-V CBT driver tracks the changed blocks without an agent install in VMs in an efficient manner and runs incremental backups 5 times faster.

Disk Image Backup in Physical Servers Environment

Vembu ImageBackup provides an option to take either entire system level backup or specific file level backup in Windows Servers and workstations. It also ensures RTO less than 15 minutes by delivering reliable recovery options like Bare Metal RecoveryQuick VM RecoveryInstant File RecoveryPartition level Recovery etc. Furthermore, Desktops/Laptops Backup is completely free.

File, Application and Application-Aware Backup

Vembu supports file and application level backup for all Windows, Linux and Mac operating system running machines. Backup support to system folders such as My Documents, My Photos, Desktop, Browsers and etc., is also provided.

Vembu NetworkBackup is designed for small to medium businesses to protect business data across file serversapplication serversworkstations and other endpoints. With NetworkBackup, businesses can backup all their systems to a central location which is easier to control and manage.

Vembu OnlineBackup provides File ServerMS ExchangeMS SQLMS SharePoint & MS Outlook Backups directly to Vembu’s secure cloud using enterprise-grade AES 256-bit encryption with granular restores.

SaaS applications (Microsoft Office365 and G Suite)

Vembu SaaSBackup is designed for backing up the MailsDrivesCalendar and Contacts of Office 365 and Google Apps. Vembu SaaSBackup’s core system will manage all backup and restore operations as per the user request. The backup data will be sent to the Vembu Cloud storage over secured network.

System Requirements

Following are the system requirements

Vembu BDR Backup Server

Vembu OffsiteDR Server

Supported VMware vSphere Infrastructure

Supported Microsoft Hyper-V Infrastructure

Disk Image Backup for Physical Windows Environment

Final Views

Vembu BDR Suite is an interesting and mature product bundled with 5 Vembu’s  backup products covers with the most (if not all) options to stay protected against failures, ransomware or even complete site loss with very affordable price. Vembu also launched its free edition of BDR Suite with limited features which you can take most of the BDR benefits without paying a single penny.

Vembu can get covered whether a very tiny business with a single server which needs to be protected, or whether a big company with hundreds of machines. The Online portal where all products, licenses, downloads, updates, support is available is well equipped.

The product has a new nice UI, which is not the fastest one, but which does the job well, without additional plugins you need to install and maintain. Vembu has replaced backend database with PostgreSQL which improved performance. Vembu seems to be a nice surprise whenever you’re looking for a complete backup/DR solution with a unified UI.

Source and Graphics: Thanks to Vembu Technologies

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