Veeam Availability Suite 9.5: Installation of Backup Enterprise Manager (Part 5)

In series of posts, I’m going to drilled down Veeam Availability Suite v9.5 as how it installs and configures, and how you can take backups of Virtual Machines and restore and replicate them on backup repository.
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In this post, we’ll learn about installation of Veeam backup Enterprise Manager.
Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager is a web interface that used to perform day to day operations in your Veeam Backup & Replication installation. Before installing Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager, you must have atleast one instance of Veeam Backup Server installed (we already installed). If you want to install Backup Enterprise Manager on same machine where backup server is already installed, you must disable all backup jobs before installing backup enterprise manager in your environment.
To install Backup Enterprise Manager, double click on Setup from your mounted ISO image, and click on Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager.

ELUA will appear, choose I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next.

Specify the license file path you have obtained after product downloaded from Veeam website and click Next.

At Program features step, leave settings as default and click Next.

At System Configuration Check window, install missing components. For this, click on Install button.

All components on System Configuration Check window have been installed, click on Next to continue.

Review the configurations on this step and click Install to deploy Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager.

Installation of Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager is in progress, sit relax and have a cup of coffee as it will take some time on install.

Veeam Backup Enterprise Manage installation is completed, click Finish to complete the setup.

Connect Veeam Backup Server to Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager

After installation of Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager, we’ll connect it to Veeam Backup Server. For this purpose, double click on Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager icon from your desktop. It will open in browser by using your default browser.

Click on CONFIGURATION as shown in following figure, and in BACKUP SERVERS tab, click on Add. Enter your DNS name or IP address of the Veeam Backup server, enter username and password and click OK.
Note: Port (9392) should remain as default.

Backup Enterprise Manager of Veeam has been added. It automatically collect all data about backup and replication jobs from Veeam backup server.

By clicking on HOME on top left corner of the opening window, you’ll go to Dashboard of Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager. You can further explore its options and features by navigating different menus.

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