Top vBlog 2017 Voting Has Been Started – Vote for Your Favorite Blog

Voting process for your favorite blog for the year 2017 has been started. It’s time to Vote for your Favorite Blog. Thank you so much Eric Siebert from for launching once again this beautiful contest Top vBlog 2017

Note:  Remember: 30th June, 2017 is the last date for submission of your vote for Top vBlog 2017.

Any blog in the list has helped you ever; it just need some spare time from you to vote for that blog, and your act would be so grateful for all bloggers to choose your favorite blog.

My blog My Virtual Journey (Nisar Ahmad) is also enlisted too. If you find my blog has relevant information and contents, please Vote for my blog.

Voting Procedure is Given below:- 

Select exactly 12 blogs of your choice from the given list.

  1. Next, Rank these blogs,Rank scale is 1 – 12 where Rank 12 is the lowest and Rank 1 is the Highest
  2. Now you can choose your favorite blogs under different categories, these are independent of General Voting.
  3. Provide your Name and Email ID (required only for validation of your vote). Don’t worry it will not be shared publicly.

I always enjoyed reading and found quality contents on Default Reasoning (Marek Zdrojewski), Mastering VMware (Mayur Parmar), Virtualization The Future (Ranjna Aggarwal), VMware Arena (Mohammed Raffic), and VMware Guruz (Sateesh Thupakula) blogs, and I’d suggest please also vote for these blogs, because these professionals have put lot of efforts to educate us all to learning and hands-on new technologies.

It is further requested that please also vote my blog for Choose your favorite New blog and Choose your favorite Independent blogger category.

I always try to share and contribute best of my knowledge and expertise to the readers, and I hope you always enjoy reading my blog posts. Your act towards voting for me will highly be appreciated.

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