Save Money on Cloud Resources using CloudTiming

Cloud computing deals with many benefits for your business. It permits you to set up a virtual or remote office to provide you the opportunity of connecting to your business anywhere at any time. To move towards cloud technology may lessen the cost of managing and maintaining your IT infrastructure. you can reduce your infrastructure costs by using resources of your cloud computing service provider rather than acquiring costly equipment for your business and data center environment.

Using cloud services by using any cloud platform either public, private, or hybrid, it often goes expensive as we expect. We use cloud services without knowing the actual cost of used instances, and this goes costly any beyond our expectations.

There are 3 main resource hungry resources in cloud technology i-e compute, storage, and bandwidth. These resources mostly affect the cloud cost if they are not being used efficiently. To reduce cost for cloud resources usage, make sure that following points are verified.

  • Check for any compute instances such as CPU that not needed anymore and right-sized them
  • Check the compute instances that are not used all the time and write a script to start/stop during off hours
  • Review the allocated storage which is being used per instance and resize it if requires
  • Determine the required snapshots and delete frequently if not further used
  • Use private IPs to all apps and endpoints and backend connections
  • Monitor and measure all resources that increase cost

Using cloudtiming, you can save up to 60% on cloud computing by automatically start/stop any service which is not currently being used. You can create your own schedule to start/stop services to cut down the cloud services cost. During working hours or peak hours of your business, you can keep start instances and services of your infrastructure as per pre-define schedule using cloudtiming. With cloudtiming, you can start 7-day free trial with a free account with a very simple and easy to use platform even without knowing something about cloud platform and support is also available to setup everything professionally.

You can set up 24/7 schedule which based on your project needs and can cover working hours in different time zones of the globe. For example, if you have highly builds or running automation tests, you can start your server, perform tests and can stop till the office working hours.

Cloudtiming is a single pane of glass for managing all your servers and other information from one user interface. You can view all of your configured servers with different attributes, names, and types.

CloudTiming offers four type of plans i-e Basic, Startup, Professional, and Business. You can choose according to your requirements with 7-day free trail available for all plans.

Basic: Plan is the entry point into CloudTiming platform and can be purchased for just $15/month for 5 instances.

Startup: Plan can be purchased with $59/month for 15 instances. This pricing plan is recommended for the new setups and can be changed as they grow.

Professional: Plan is commonly used and recommended for small to medium setups, and can be purchased with $149/month with 30 instances.

Business: Plan is recommended for larger setups and can be purchased with $299/month with 50 instances.

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