NSX for vSphere 6.2.3 Released, What’s New Inside?

VMware has announced new release of NSX for vSphere 6.2.3 on 9th June, 2016. It introduced some enhanced features which have been waiting for long time. NSX is VMware’s well known solution to virtualize software-defined datacenter (SDDC) by defining network and security features. NSX network virtualization platform isolates the network from hardware into such a software abstraction layer which allows you to typically create, provision, and manage your network infrastructure. There are some requirements to perform an upgrade properly. Please follow this guide to upgrade vCloud Networking and Security (vShield Manager) to NSX Manager.

What’s New in NSX 6.2.3?

There’s a lot of perfections and some new stuff which is being matured in this release. Below are a few highlights.

 NSX for vShield Endpoint license

There’s a default license generated when you install NSX now, and it defaults on the NSX for vShield Endpoint license. This means you can by default (and without cost) manage anti-virus offloading functionality. This is one step closer to a vShield replacement and an open download.

New Edge DHCP Options

DHCP Option 121 supports static route option, which is used for DHCP server to publish static routes to DHCP client; DHCP Options 66, 67, 150 supports DHCP options for PXE Boot; and DHCP Option 26 supports configuration of DHCP client network interface MTU by DHCP server.

NSX Hardware Layer 2 Gateway Integration

This hooks up physical switches to the NSX logical network (VXLAN) so that (supported) switches can translate VXLAN to physical ports or a VLAN to bridge the gap between the virtual network and physical servers or devices.

New VXLAN Port 4789 in NSX 6.2.3 and later:

Before version 6.2.3, the default VXLAN UDP port number was 8472.

NSX Edge On Demand Failover

There’s a new way to gracefully failover Edges from the primary to standby. This opens the door for graceful failovers when using NSX without shared storage so you can’t vMotion the Edges off. Documentation on how to do this seems still pending and can’t found, so it can’t be tested.

SNMP Traps

Monitoring is a big part of operations and NSX now has support to send SNMP traps from the NSX Manager, Controllers and Edges. This makes providing a robust monitoring solution a lot easier.

vRealize Log Insight for NSX

From NSX 6.2.3 and above, you are entitled to use Log Insight with the NSX content pack (for free!). You can use the same license key with NSX and Log Insight to unlock this and Log Insight has to be version 3.3.2 or above.

Resources: NSX for vSphere 6.2.3 Releases Notes

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