vSphere Standard Switch

vSphere 6.0: Configuring vSphere Standard Switch Policies (Part-3)

In pervious post of this series, we learned about pretty simple steps regarding creation of standard switch. In this post, we’ll see what policies can be applied on standard switch to protect virtual environment against unwanted scanning. If you missed…
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vSphere 6.0: How to Create vSphere Standard Switch (Part-2)

In previous post of vSphere Networking series, we discussed about vSwitch, its standard ports, and number of standard ports which vSphere Standard Switch can have. If you’ve missed previous post of this series, you can find here: 1. Introduction to…
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vSphere 6.0: Introduction to vSphere Standard Switches (Part-1)

In previous 6 posts, we’ve learnt about installation and configuration of vCenter Server with both embedded and external PSC, vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) installation and configuration, and also its architecture and inventory. I’ve tried to cover maximum possible stuff regarding…
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