A Wonderful Experience to Enter into Top vBlog 2017 Contest

Yesterday 9th Aug, 2017, Top vBlog 2017 results have been announced by Eric Siebert on his blog. This contest takes its place every year and for the first time I’ve taken part into it as I started blogging a year ago. It was wonderful experience for me to enter into the contest where top bloggers like William Lam, Vladan, Scot Lowe, and many other world renown professionals are already taking part into this contest.

Results are announced and I’m neither in top 50 bloggers nor winner of any sub category, but I love to see readers like and vote for my blog. I’m really happy to see this and thank you so much reading my blog posts and to vote for my blog.

My blog has been ranked # 207, and even I was not expecting to be enlisted in the top vBlog 2017 list because, many professionals have already put a lot of efforts and shared knowledge and expertise to virtualization community.

I participated for three categories in Top vBlog 2017 Contest as Top vBlogger, Favorite New Blog, and Favorite Independent Blogger, and happy to see my blog enlisted in all categories which I participated.  My blog ranked # 03 in Favorite New Blog Category.

And also enlisted in Favorite Independent Blogger.

Thank you so much Eric Siebert (@ericsiebrt) for conducting such a beautiful contest, and also thank you so much readers for reading my posts and to vote for my blog, really I was not expecting to be enlisted with the top names of virtualization community.

Thanking again…

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    Well done bro keep it up

    1. Nisar Ahmad (Post author)

      Thanks for appreciation.


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