vSphere 6.0: Installing Guest OS and VMware Tools in VM (Part-12)

In previous post, we learned about creating a virtual machine in virtual environment. If you’ve missed previous posts of this series, you can find them here.

  1. Introduction to vSphere 6.0
  2. Introduction to Virtual Infrastructure
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  5. Install and Configure ESXi 6.0
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  9. Virtual Machine Virtual Hardware
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  11. Creating a Virtual Machine

In this post, we’ll learn how to install guest operating system in a VM step by step. Creation and installation of a VM in virtual environment is a pretty easy task. Installing a guest OS on a VM is like installing it on a physical computer. To install a guest OS, you interact with a VM through the virtual machine console. Using the vSphere Web Client, you can attach a CD/DVD, or ISO image containing the installation image to the virtual CD/DVD drive. I’m going to install a guest OS by attaching ISO image.  Let’s start the task.

Step 1: Login to vSphere Web Client using your credentials and click “Logon”.

Login to vSphere Web Client 6

Step 2: Click on the “Host and Clusters”. You can also click on “VMs and Templates” to access your installed VM.

host and cluster in vsphere 6

Step 3: Right click on a VM which we’ve created in last post and click on “Edit Settings”.

installed VM

Step 4: Click “CD/DVD drive 1”, and choose “Datastore ISO file” from drop down list. Then, brows your ISO image. Make sure that “Connect” check box is ticked.

CD/DVD drive 1

Step 5: Right click your created VM, and select “Power” and click “Power On”.

power on virtual machine

Step 6: Right click on installed VM and select “Open Console” to view installation process of windows. Windows installation process will start

install windows 7 64bit


Step 7: Follow step by step procedure for installing guest OS

installing windows 7

installing windows 7

installing windows 7

Step 8: Let’s complete the installation process

installing windows 7

Step 9: Windows is finalizing your settings

windows is finalizing your settings

Installing VMware Tools

After guest OS installation, now we’ll install VMware Tools. VMware Tools enhance performance of a VM such as device drivers, graphics, and mouse movement etc.

Step 10: To install VMware Tools in installed windows OS, right click on guest OS and select “Guest OS”, and click on “Install VMware Tools”.

install vmware tools in guest OS

Step 11: Click on “Mount” button.

mount into vm

Step 12: Click on “Run Setup.exe”

install vmware tools

VMware Installation Setup process will be started.

install vmware tools

vmware tools setup

VMware Tools are installed and running

vmware tools installed and running

To know more about Virtualization, ESXi, and VMs you can follow VMware vSphere 6 Part 1 – Virtualization, ESXi and VMs course.

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